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Note: Your contact information will not be listed on your Mentorship Profile online. You will be the one to initiate communication with the person requesting mentorship. Please complete this form in it's entirety to submit for DNA Military's approval. All items marked with * are required information.
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  • PART II - Information for your online Mentorship Profile

  • Upload photograph of yourself. (A simple headshot selfie will be sufficient.)
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  • Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, Northwest or Outside US
  • i.e., military or professional field of experience, hobbies, etc. For instance: "I have never served in the military, but I played football in high school, studied business in college, and I am an insurance broker." Note that it is advisable to avoid including more specific information than this [such as the name of where you work, etc.] in order to protect your privacy.
  • For example, “Over the years, my faith has moved from an abstract collection of ideas to something that brings me peace every day.” Or: "God has become a wonderful companion for me."
  • i.e., "After my divorce, I remarried and have a wonderful daughter in high school."
  • Part III - Mentorship Guidelines

  • If you are not familiar with Operation Timothy or want a refresher on the new internet version, training will be provided by video instruction. Our goal is simply to take each person one step closer to God, leaving the door open to the next Christian God would bring along to get involved in their life.
  • Ideally, it would be wonderful to complete Operation Timothy with a member of the military and have that person reproduce his or her life into other military personnel. That happened to me many times in business, but also many, many times, mentoring was simply about encouraging and caring for another person along a particular portion of their spiritual journey, leaving them in a stronger position to meet with another Christian.

    By agreeing to be a DNA Military mentor, you agree to adhere to our "Communication Progression Guidelines," outlined below. This is for safety reasons. This paced progression of interaction gives you time to discern the identity and motives of your mentee before you proceed to “warmer,” more personal forms of communication. Giving time for this discernment to take place is important due to the fact that we are not able to verify ahead of time the identity, motives, or health of the mentees we are going to be sending your way.

    1. Communication via Email is always the first step. This is important because it allows you to establish initial contact with your Mentee via a safe method as you are just getting to know each other.

    2. If you wish to take things to a more personal and more connected level, the next stage of mentorship interaction is voice-to-voice communication (via phone or online voice streaming). It is recommended that this only begin after four or five emails exchanges have taken place. This gives you time to gain confidence in the identity and motives of the mentee with whom you are communicating.

    3. After a series of mentorship voice-to-voice calls have taken place (via phone or online voice streaming) over a minimum of four weeks, and if the mentoring relationship is growing in healthy and appropriate ways, and if the Mentor feels comfortable and confident in the Mentees motives, then a video chat session may be initiated. This is the highest and final level of Communication that is recommended by DNA Military. For safety reasons, in-person meetings are discouraged. **Note that, as a DNA Military Mentorship policy, face-to-face meetings are discouraged because DNA Military cannot take responsibility for vetting the motives, mental stability or states of mind of those who will contact you. For this reason, it is recommended that you communicate only via long distance. In addition to this, it is required that you be extremely careful about what kinds of personal information you disclose in order to protect your privacy and safety.

    Guidelines Regarding Controversial Topics

    I cannot emphasize this next point enough – our mission is to provide encouragement and to facilitate spiritual growth, not to engage in debates on controversial topics. Engaging in peripheral discussions is one of the easiest ways for a mentoring relationship to get off track. Our mission is to introduce and deepen a relationship with a military individual and walk with that person while they grow closer to Jesus in the basics of prayer, the Word, the gospel, salvation, and the Christian life in work, marriage, and family, and to avoid controversy and conflict.

    Operation Timothy takes on the basics of the faith and walking with Jesus without engaging the ongoing debates of denominations, scriptural translation preferences, doctrinal debates that tend to divide, important Christian causes outside the subject of the gospel and spiritual growth, social disagreements, cultural battles, political issues, etc. Our mission is spiritual reproduction. We desire to stay focused on providing Christlike encouragement, support and mentorship in matters of character and spiritual growth.

    No doubt there will be a few who will want to get you to take on one of the above issues to support their position or to expose yours or that of DNA Military on a divisive topic. Their motives may be sincere or insincere. In either case, by signing up to be a DNA Military Mentor, you are agreeing to be disciplined, to use self-control, and to avoid being baited into such debates or discussions. If conversional social, political or denominational issues arise, please respond with statements along the lines of the following:

    " We don't take on those issues."

    "Those questions and issues are not the focus of DNA Military"

    “My role as a mentor is simply to elaborate and coach others on the messages Phil Downer provides."

    "I am not comfortable addressing those topics, but you are welcome to email your questions to Phil Downer at"

    "I can see that these issues are very important to you. I am not able to address them, so I would like to suggest you seek someone else not affiliated with DNA Military for these discussions."

    Your mentoring through DNA Military may differ somewhat from the mentoring in which you are personally engaged due to the fact that, in those mentoring situations, you perhaps are willing and able to take on the various difficult and controversial issues that arise. I respect that. I am sure that no three of us mentoring military individuals agree on every possible issue! Political or otherwise.

    Our mission in the DNA Military Mentorship program is to walk alongside a military individual coaching encouraging them and building trust.

    Once we have won trust and have begun sharing the basic truths of the Scripture (the deity of Jesus Christ, how we can find new life in Him, the truths of grace, the promises of God, life walking in the fruits of the Spirit, the practice of prayer, confession, Christian community, etc.), our overarching goal is that we could help an individual engage with Jesus Christ and with the Word of God with their mind, will, and emotions. We believe that facilitating these kinds of mentorship relationships can be a catalytic experience that powerfully fosters spiritual growth in the lives of the military personal who will become involved.
  • As an equivalency to your signature, please type in your first and last name if you are in agreement.

    A Master Mentor is an individual with whom Susy and I are personally acquainted who is an experienced mentor and, in our opinion, qualifies as a Master Mentor.

    A Master Mentor may have 12 or so individuals whom he or she will prequalify, enlist, coach, and oversee who will also qualify as military mentors called a Primary Mentor.

    All individuals (whether Master Mentors or Primary Mentors) will be required to complete the following questionnaire.

  • Part V - Mentorship Application Questionnaire

    The answers submitted below are for the application process and not posted online.
  • Please type the number of years...

DNA Military also provides opportunities for collaborative support and service networks to be formed in and around military installations comprised of professional counselors, nonprofit organizations, psychologists, supportive pastors and churches and retired chaplains.

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